Karate School Introduction

2020 Okinawa Traditional Karate Goju-ryu Student Recruitment

Welcome to the Goyukan website of Okinawa Traditional karate Goyukai headquarters.

I have opened a dojo at 15-7 Yamashitacho, Naha City, Okinawa prefecture.

I am Anyu Shinjyo , a ten -dan master of dojo, the president of the Goyukai.
I had trained under Eiichi Miyazato.

The name of the dojo is The Okinawa Traditional Karate Goyukai Headquarters Goyukan.

We are recruiting new students. Goju-ryufs original toes to head assist exercise.

Training with equipments.

The basic "san-chin". I teach the practice from Gekisai 1 to Super Rinpei, and the decomposition of the mold.

After completion, you will be issued a certificate of completion of the course.

Why donft you practice traditional Karate Goju-ryu again in Okinawa?

We welcome all of you who want to practice together.

For more information

Contact : E-mail goyukan1@otc.ne.jp
URL : http://www.goyu-kan.com